Home-Grown Crops & Artisan Soaps

Many of you know us to be your source for beautiful artisan soaps. But did you know that we are actually a farm? Brickyard Farms is a small 5.5 acre vegetable truck farm located in the small village of Cloverdale, Michigan. It gets its name from the site of the old Cloverdale brickyard where bricks were made by hand in the 1800’s.

We grow five signature crops that include three varieties of hard-neck garlic, 5 varieties of carrots, 4 varieties of beets, 19 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and 6 varieties of potatoes, along with other seasonal fare. We are a self-sustaining farm that uses organic methods. We are celebrating our tenth year and are passionate about food and how it is grown. We believe pesticides and chemicals have a taste in food. That’s why we grow and sell produce without these potentially harmful products. We eat what we sell!